Specialized in pre-printing plate making equipment, Shangzun Machinary Company possess excellent research and production capacity. Its main products includes,exporsure frame series,ps plate processor series,printed  plate  preserve  machine,CCD  cross  drilling  machine,CTP  plate  processor series(thermal,photopolymer),Corner conveyor, automatic ps/ctp plate stacker  and so on.
We work with some world famous brands and market all  over the world.With the vision of "Quality First,Respect Morality",Shangzun Machinery adheres sophisticated technology and good after-sales service,puts forward the service initiatives of  "return the unsatisfied within one year",  and afford technical  support to help customers to establish the standardized plate concept,so as to increase printing quality substantially, which brings the praises from all the users.
Shangzun Machinary established in Shanghai,and set up offices also in Beijing, Guangdong, Wuhan. With the support  from sales agents all  over  the country,  we   keeps growing and developing,and becomes the sincere friend of all the printing and packaging enterprises.